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theSisterGeek is here for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses, and themselves, to the next level.

You're experienced. You're rocking your niche, business is going well, but you keep running into knowledge and skill roadblocks. By now, you know that going it alone can be a serious struggle. You know it's time to hire help.

Work with a group of people who will find every way to help you succeed. From marketing agency services to long term business mentorships, we're here for you.


Working With Us

theSisterGeek incorporates the tools of a marketing agency with the heart of a coaching practice. Our website projects come with a side of training. Our mentoring incorporates your brand. We work with the entirety of your business, as much or as little as you need us.

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When Liv founded theSisterGeek in 2008, she had one mission - help small business owners be better at the internet. Offering a small range of social media and copywriting services, she spent several years hustling for clients while attending college. As the internet grew and changed, the business grew and so did theSisterGeek's scope.

Today, theSisterGeek is an integrated consultancy, focused on helping dedicated entrepreneurs succeed. Our multi-disciplinary team includes in-house creative services, dedicated account management, and experienced business consulting.


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